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AZZURX is a NEW topical Medicine designed for people diagnosed with HSV1 or HSV2. If applied upon the first onset of an outbreak AZZURX can stop or ease the severity of the outbreak.

Azzurx is Effective against both HSV1 & HSV2

  • STOP outbreaks before they erupt*
  • Shorten active outbreaks*
  • Soothes & promotes healing
  • Easy to use individual applicators
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed*
  • * Herpes is a virus. There is NO cure. AZZURX can not stop you from having periodic outbreaks, nor can AZZURX prevent you from spreading the virus. As individual results may vary, AZZURX guarantees your satisfaction with a Risk Free money back guarantee.

    watch how simple it is
wonderful You can feel it working and it stops the outbreak and keeps it away for a long time. I haven't had a outbreak since I've tried AZZURX . This is a wonderful drug
awesome, AZZURX is awesome and works great I am absolutely impressed and so grateful that I found it
Bless You,It REALLY Worked! One application and it totally STOPPED the blister from happening.   Bless You
* actual customer's comments about their experience with AZZURX. The names have been changed for their privacy. Your results may vary.

"the way that this worked was nothing short of a MIRACLE" *

* These are actual customer's comments about their experience with AZZURX. The names have been changed for their privacy. Your results may vary.
designed to stop your next outbreak before it happens.

When applied at the onset of the outbreak [the first tingle] AZZURX is formulated to stop your outbreak before it erupts.   

If applied after the outbreak has started, AZZURX will help reduce the discomfort and duration of the outbreak.

Unlike all other OTC "remedies" that are designed to simply numb and dry out your skin, AZZURX's precision measured dose is formulated to STOP the outbreak, soothe, moisturize, and heal your skin. AZZURX contains NO heavy metals, salt or numbing agents. Although our formula is devastating for the HSV virus, Our 100% NATURAL ingredients are not only SAFE, but are good for your skin and your bodies health. + your satisfaction is GUARANTEED..

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"for 20 years I have tried everything, God Bless You." *

* These are actual customer's comments about their experience with AZZURX. The names have been changed for their privacy. Your results may vary.

individually packaged

Each ATTACK-PAK contains 5 individually packaged sterile
snap-dose™applicators to help you STOP your next outbreak before it starts, Don't be caught unprepared. Carry one and leave one in the car so that you are ready the next time you feel that first tingle.

Easy to use snap-dose™ applicators

AZZURX unique snap-dose™ single use applicators guarantee the precise delivery of the formula to the exact area needed. Snap to activate the formula. Squeeze to saturate the swab. Apply soothing oil directly on the site of the outbreak. Dispose eliminating the fear of reusing contaminated meds.


"you have changed my life!" *

* These are actual customer's comments about their experience with AZZURX. The names have been changed for their privacy. Your results may vary.

The fastest herpes treatment available


Botanicx has developed a a proprietary formula of botanical antivirals suspended in a blend of rare natural essential oils to help mitigate HSV outbreaks. AZZURX contains 100,000 times more active ingredient then the natural remedies presently available, yet is safe to use alone or in conjunction with prescriptive antivirals. The formula stimulates the bodies natural defenses to end the outbreak quickly and then helps to soothe and heal your damaged skin to shorten your recovery. AZZURX is formulated entirely from ALL botanical natural ingredients.

AZZURX is a homeopathic drug. Homeopathic remedies are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, FDA does not evaluate the remedies for safety or effectiveness. The FDA does not approve homeopathic drugs. AZZURX Is manufactured and packaged by BOTANICX AG in the USA in FDA registered and licensed drug facilities in conformance with Section 510 of the Act and 21 CFR 207 in accordance with current good manufacturing practices, Section 501(a)(2)(B) of the Act and 21 CFR 211.


Like all medicines AZZURXs formula works for many people. For some it may not. We are so confident that that AZZURX will work for YOU.  Try 1 box risk free. If it doesn't meet or exceed your expectations, simply return the box with any unused product and any additional unopened boxes for a full refund of your purchase price.

Most OTC herpes remedies contain only empty promises and numbing agents to reduce the pain. Don't be fooled by fake science, bogus testimonials, or outright lies. The fact is that there is no medicine that can rid you of herpes. But AZZURX™ will stop YOUR next outbreak. Try AZZURX today!


"i put one dose on, I woke up this morning and its GONE!" *

* These are actual customer's comments about their experience with AZZURX. The names have been changed for their privacy. Your results may vary.


All orders are shipped from Los Angeles in plain vinyl envelopes or brown corrugated boxes from BOTANICX AG.

Orders placed before 3 PM are usually shipped the same day Monday thru Friday. Orders placed on Saturday before noon are usually shipped on Saturday. OVERNIGHT is available for Tuesday-Saturday deliveries [Saturday in most urban locations]. 2 day EXPRESS is available for Monday-Saturday deliveries.


This company was founded by people who have suffered for years from the very same issues as you. Just like you, we tried everything, hoping beyond hope that something would work. We fell for the ads with fake science and images of BBB and FDA logos that offered us a guarantee that our credit card already provided and sent non sterile bottles of stuff that does nothing. We were astounded that even Large drug companies are selling OTC cold sore remedies that contain virtually no ingredients that actually do anything to heal your cold sore. Nothing really worked, but most of all, we were tired of being lied to. So as excited as we were to share a miraculous product that changed our lives, equally as important, was to be honest and be the company that we always hoped to find.

Our mission is to positively change peoples lives. Besides a product that actually worked, we want to provide you with the same sense of urgency, concern, quality and attention to detail that we expect. You will immediately recognize the difference when you receive it. We also understand that when you order AZZURX... It needs to ship out NOW! not in a few days, We don't wait for a pickup, we deliver to the post office and FEDEX's main shipping terminal multiple times per day. Very simply, if AZZURX doesn't work for you, the way it has for us and OVER 99% of the people that have tried it, then we don't want you to pay for it. [and our guarantee doesn't have a time limit]

For now, herpes is forever, but with AZZURX your suffering and embarrassment will soon be over. Get your RISK FREE Trial Today.

AZZURX risk-free guarantee: If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason, save your box and remaining product, and email to get your money back.

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